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9/10 I’m just playing a 4 piece out of my 6 piece custom maple MCD Percussion kit. 18x20, 14x16, 12x14, 8x12, 8x10.  Also a 70s Acrolite, 6x14 MCD Percussion custom solid shell cocobolo snare, 5x14 solid shell maple snare, various other snares.

Sticks:  Vic Firth HD4s!!   also Steve Jordan Sticks and for heavier stuff Vater “Recording” sticks.  various sticks, brushes, rods, etc etc etc etc.

Proud full endorser of TRX Cymbals Cymbals!!


I am now rocking DRK series 21” ride,  Blends 17” and 18” crashes, new 14" inch lite DRK hi hats and 13” DRK hats.  Also the 20” Thunder Crash and a dope stacker.  I am super happy with them an cant wait to get more.  Watch TRX blow up.  www.trxcymbals.com

Various hats/crashs, various splashs and such.

DW9000 kick pedal

World percussion: Djembe, Conga, Pandeiro, tons of shakers, toys, cowbells, tambos, etc etc.  

Production: Macbook Pro, Logic Pro (half my brain), Pro Tools, Ableton, NI, Plugs, Virtual instruments and sound libraries galore.   KRK Rockit8 studio monitors, Focusrite interfaces, Mogami cables, Korg R3, Moog Prodigy, Jazz Bass, Strat, various keyboards/midi controller, Roland SPD-SX drum sampler. 

I also endorse Mono cases.  I have the cymbal bag, the Kondensor laptop bag, and the laptop case.  They are built so well and are truly awesome!  www.monocreators.com